In our company you can buy, repair and lease an adsorption dehumidifier!

Kiev manufacturing association “STANDART” was found in 2007. In 2009 it was set up a trading house “Standart plus” as a part of the main structure in order to optimize the economic and commercial, foreign economic activities. The enterprise is a developer, manufacturer and a complex supplier of the dehumidifier’s outfit of trade name ADS. The basis of success of our company ‘’STANDART’’ is a modern machine tool holding, laboratory of an estimation of quality of the let out production and skilled staff. Our production meets the requirements of the international standards and is delivered both on home market and for export. The company has reliable partners and stable financial position. We have created the reputation thanks to successful realisation of scale projects at the maximum satisfaction of requirements of our Customers.

Our professional specialization

1. Adsorption air dehumidifiers, manufacture of own products under the trade name «ADS» and also repair of the adsorption dehumidifiers of any manufacturer.

2. Projecting and manufacturing heat recovery on the rotors (rotating) recuperators base.

3. Sale and rent of industrial dehumidifiers «ADS».

4. Selection and calculation of a demanded dehumidifier for the demanded Customer’s parameters.

The Kiev production association "STANDARD" has its own machine tool holding of the metal removal and the processing outlet, gauges. High qualified technical officers, planners and working personnel allow to perform works of any complexity. We guarantee the qualitative carrying out of all the complex of works dealing with the manufacture and repair of the dehumidifier technicians and recuperation heat.


 1. Workshop, where we produce sorption air dehumidifiers,

Productivity: up to 5 installations in a month.

The staff- 8 people, including planners- 1 person.

2.Workshop, where we produce ballscrew units,

Productivity: up to 30 sets in a month.

The staff- 40 people, including planners -3 persons.

3.Production and technical basis,

Area-  2500 m2

4. Machine tool holding:

- Production of the drying air hardware -  5 metalcutting machine tools.

- Production of the ballscrew units  - 20 machine tools.

- Accurate metal processing -  5 machine tools.